Maritime and commodities markets software and data provider Shipfix Technologies is partnering ship vetting organisation RightShip.

The pairing will allow Shipfix users to access the maritime due diligence organisation’s data.

Shipfix has a system that aggregates and anonymises tonnage and cargo order intentions prior to physical trade flows by searching through and filtering emails and other market data sources based on data intelligence.

RightShip data available to Shipfix users will include its greenhouse gas rating system that provides a way of comparing the relative efficiency of the world’s fleet based on a ship’s CO2 emissions, and its vessel safety scores based on ships’ operational histories over the past five years.

Inspection status assessing the quality of a ship by verifying crew familiarity and compliance with statutory and safety requirements, as well as industry recommendations are also carried.

RightShip data will be overlaid on live AIS data and vessel position data in Shipfix’s vessel directory, and will be searchable and filterable across maps, tonnage and more.

Steen Brodsgaard Lund, RightShip chief executive, said: “Our partnership with Shipfix will bring early visibility into the quality of tonnage at the pre-fixture stage, providing users with insights that enable them to make safe and sustainable freight choices.”

Shipfix co-founder and co-chief executive Antoine Grisay added that the strategic partnership would help promote sustainable chartering and trading from an environmental perspective and for the well-being of seafarers and shore-based operators.