Let them eat cake

We take a look at what was said in the market over the past week.

“I want to build a sizeable fleet but to me, only quality matters, not quantity. It is a good time to get in and set ourself apart with a solid reputation and outstanding vessels with a low carbon footprint.”

Alexander Oetker hopes to cook up a tasty treat just like the family’s doctor.

(Oetker aims for supramax and kamsarmax expansion)

“We celebrated 30 years of the charter with a cake recently.”

Seems that Christian Due is able to defy the old proverb that you can't have your cake and eat it.

(Skips AS Tudor logs $54.1m profit as revenue increases)

“The old days of shipping are gone now that China has built huge shipbuilding capacity that can supply ships once the market improves and keep freight rates suppressed.”

Mercator’s Harish K Mittal explains why coal as well as oil and gas projects now energise him more than shipping.

(Mercator energised by switch of focus)

“We will see how it develops. The only sure thing is that we have been around for 61 years and we intend to stick around for quite some time to come.”

Dimitris Korkodilos indicates that NJ Goulandris will continue to take a long term view of markets and business opportunities.

(NJ Goulandris opts for a fresh business approach)

“We are grateful for the strong support from our lenders, and look forward to the emergence of an Eagle Bulk that is well positioned for many years of success.”

Eagle Bulk chief Sophocles Zoullas has reason to be thankful for a new three year employment contract as the company sinks deeper into the red.

(Zoullas to stay put as Oaktree ready to take on Eagle assets)


(Eagle sinks deeper into red)

“If we continue to witness restraint in post-panamax ordering and shrewd fleet management, the gradual recovery of the liner business should gather momentum.”

A newly merged shipbroker sees the outlook for the container trade improving if owners can shake off their newbuilding addiction.

(Braemar ACM bullish on container prospects)

“It’s an extremely wealthy family yet they intentionally walked out on a contract and they used the political turmoil in their own country as excuse number one.”

Archer Daniels Midland corporate lawyer Michael Kaye protests that Syria’s Assaf family is not playing fair over an arbitration award.

(Agricultural giant targets Syria’s Assaf family assets)

“The resilience of the groups targeting product tankers is staggering – even admirable – in light of the increased regional and international efforts to deal with the problem.”

Arild Nodland of Bergen Risk Solutions reveals a grudging respect for an enemy that attacked a products carrier more than 200 nautical miles off the west African coast.

(Pirates target tanker)