Three elderly deficiency-riddled ships flagged in Cameroon have been banned in Europe.

Two of the general cargo ships were detained for the third time in three years, while another left port without complying with conditions imposed by the port authority, the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MOU) said.

The 3,100-dwt Haksa (built 1993) was detained in Venice, Italy, on 25 August with 39 deficiencies.

These included inoperative firefighting equipment and missing certificates and charts, as well as insufficient food and corroded and damaged cargo and other hatchways.

When the vessel left port, the Paris MOU said the master “did not comply with the conditions for a safe voyage to the designated repair port”.

The vessel went beyond the limit of 20 miles from the nearest coast, and in bad weather conditions. The organisation added that the wind and sea state was higher than the allowed limit.

The Haksa is now subject to an indefinite ban from Paris MOU ports or anchorages.

AIS data showed the ship moored in Tuzla, Turkey, on Thursday, suggesting repairs were being carried out.

The vessel was also detained in Italy and Turkey in 2022.

The Haksa is listed as operated by ITM Group of the UK. The company has been contacted for comment.

Cameroon is rated black on the Paris MOU list of flag states. The registry could not be contacted for comment.

Missing certificates

Meanwhile, the 1,500-dwt Gelibolu 2 (built 1984), operated by Gelibolu Shipping & Management of Istanbul, was detained in Constanta, Romania, on 28 August.

The ship was held for nine days with 34 deficiencies.

The long list included a series of missing certificates relating to flag state endorsement, evidence of financial security for crew repatriation, wreck removal liability and safety manning.

There was also an inoperative emergency generator and echo sounder, missing emergency towing arrangements and firefighting equipment, rescue boats not ready for use, not enough food, insanitary conditions, expired charts and damaged railings.

The Gelibolu 2 had earlier been detained in Romania in January 2022 and Russia in 2021.

This resulted in a second ban from Paris MOU ports, meaning it will now be barred for a year.

The ship has since been inspected again on 21 September in Tuzla and four faults were found.

The emergency generator had still not been fixed.

However, the vessel was not detained.

Three-month ban

Finally, the 4,300-dwt Skymoon King (built 1988) was banned for three months after failing three port state control inspections in three years.

The ship, operated by Lucky 19 Shipping of Istanbul, was held in Kalymnos, Greece, on 2 September, for six days with 15 deficiencies.

Inspectors found a lack of training in fire drills, damage to air pipes, and problems with heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary facilities.

The cargo vessel had been detained in Italy in February for 12 days with 24 faults, and before that in Greece in October 2022 for six days with 13 deficiencies.