Shipping struggles to respond to carbon urgency amid technology challenges

Much has been said, but experts describe industry-wide climate action as still insufficient.

Obsession over future fuels does not help decarbonise shipping, experts say

Shipowners urged to take advantage of existing technologies to reduce emissions now.

Decarbonising Swire Shipping requires a multi-fuel approach

We would only use sustainably grown biomass. We would not support chopping down a forest to make biomass.

Simon Bennett, CNCo

Company says global warming is not just an existential problem for its Pacific market, which risks being submerged.

Berge Bulk's James Marshall outlines plans for getting to zero carbon by 2030

Singapore bulker giant eyes up new technology, alternative fuels and carbon offsets in quest to cut emissions

Norway's Hyon charts a course for hydrogen bunkering

Compressed hydrogen, liquid hydrogen and ammonia all have challenges as maritime fuels but bunkering venture has ideas on where to start.

Supplemental power could unlock fuel cell adoption, says Teco 2030 chief

Company shifting focus from full-power projects for small vessels to partial power for large seagoing vessels.

LEO is new kid on the block for cleaner ships to transmit data

Low earth orbit satellite networks are promising faster and cheaper transmission of decarbonisation data from ships, but some of the promises are not yet achievable.

VSAT leader KVH disputes LEO's cheaper service claims

Fixed price provider beware of 'all you can eat' market but sees ship operators more interested in buying more connectivity than paying less.

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In future, connectivity may come free with digital apps

The need to exchange more data for regulators, charterers and financiers over decarbonisation is set to push development of digital ecosystems as main focus.

PowerX renewable energy sea transportation project gets off the ground

New ship technology is being developed that could revolutionise the way renewable energy is transported and consumed

Drydocks World: Technology can make ship repair more green

Dubai shipbuilder enters implementation phase in green action plan drafted three years ago.