A Clipper Group handysize has suffered severe damage in a collision with a Greek bulker off Turkey.

The incident involving Clipper's 37,000-dwt Clipper Como (built 2010) and the 76,000-dwt Levantes (built 2001), managed by Newport SA of Greece, happened late on 17 September, 20 km (12.4 miles) south-west of Bozcaada in Canakkale province, the country's directorate general of coastal safety said.

A joint operation was launched with the navy, and two coast guard ships were sent to the scene, the Turkish Coast Guard said.

No injuries were reported but the Danish bulker was damaged on the port side, the coast guard added.

Images showed the hull and hatch covers mangled.

Manager Dania Ship Management Bulk, owned by Clipper and V.Group, said the vessel has reported structural damage to ballast tank 2 and cargo hold 2.

"As a result, the vessel is down by the head, with a list to port, but is in stable condition," the company added.

"All the appropriate authorities have been notified and Clipper Como, registered in the Marshall Islands, is anchored at Bozcaada anchorage, Canakkale, for damage assessment."

Managers are cooperating with local authorities and the harbour master and thanked them for a professional and timely response and support.

"The safety of the crew and protection of the marine environment remains the number one priority," added Dania.

Probe begins

An investigation has been initiated by the Ezine chief public prosecutor's office, the coast guard said.

The Levantes was heading from Russia to Egypt with a wheat cargo, while the Clipper Como was en route from Morocco to Turkey with phosphate, the Deniz Haber website reported.

No pollution has been observed.

The Clipper Como has insurance through protection and indemnity club North of England. The vessel has no port state control detentions listed since 2015.

The Levantes, insured by Swedish Club, was underway in the Aegean Sea on Monday morning after damage assessment work was carried out.

The vessel has a clean port control record.

Both Clipper and Newport have been contacted for further information.

The Clipper Como is seen here down by the bow after a clash off Turkey. Photo: Turkish directorate general of coastal safety