The pandemic has not provided much joy over the last year, but news of a unique baby boom in the Philippines gladdened TradeWinds' heart this week.

Authorities have revealed that seafarers have given birth to 82 infants while in quarantine in the country's hotels.

If the proud parents follow the naming policy of David and Victoria Beckham, there could soon be lots of little Manilas running around.

The Philippines is offering free accommodation, transport and testing for crew members during the pandemic.

Team of nurses and midwives are available to check on seafarers, and pregnant seafarers are offered prenatal help in hospital.

The government is also providing $200 of financial assistance to its seafaring citizens in these troubled times.

Danish-Russian relations take a hit

Meanwhile in Denmark, an odd tale emerged of cultural differences in a supermarket.

Two Russian crew members from an unnamed vessel reportedly "attacked" a group of local youths at the shop in Frederikshavn.

Several young Danes then fled down to the port area after feeling threatened.

They told a port guard and called their parents, before returning to the supermarket, where the intimidation began again.

The guard had followed, however, and grabbed one of the crew men before police could arrive.

Facebook posts suggested the seafarers were under the influence of drugs.

North Jutland Police confirmed a 33-year-old Russian had been arrested and spent a night in the cells.

He was then allowed to return to his ship, after being charged with disturbing public order and resisting arrest.