Beer consumption during Germany’s famous Oktoberfest can be measured in millions of litres but, fortunately, there seemed to be plenty left for the dozens of company parties in Hamburg to coincide with Eisbeinessen.

Shipowners, managers, operators, agents and others held parties in their offices or at bars and restaurants in the city last week.

Many went on into the early hours but shipping folk are tough. One senior executive met for a morning meeting with TradeWinds looking surprisingly fit after leaving a party at 2am.

TradeWinds took a more restrained approach to the annual festivities but still managed to accept some party invitations, including to gatherings by United Product Tankers and Bruhn Shipbrokers.

Annika Kammer of Berenberg between MM Warburg colleagues Jan Herzel (left) and Julian Stern at the United Product Tankers event Photo: Geoff Garfield