Trouble by the yard

South Korea’s shipbuilding and shipping industries face the most challenging period in their history, as Irene Ang and Lucy Hine report

24 Nov 18:04 GMT

The birth pains of Greek shipping

You reckon the market is in the doldrums now? Spare a thought for the Greek shipowners of 100 years ago as they launched their union in the middle of a war. Harry Papachristou delves into the archives

24 Nov 18:04 GMT

A hire power

Is all the liquidity from China pouring into lease-financed tonnage a welcome source of alternative funding for shipping, or is it inflating an undesirable bubble? Bob Rust investigates

24 Nov 18:04 GMT

The TW+ Quiz

It's time to test your knowledge of the last three months in shipping. Scroll up in the question box to see what you got right and go to the next one.

24 Nov 18:03 GMT

That’s all we wrote

The TW+ trawl through all the Other TradeWinds, the fabulous products that just don’t happen to be the world’s best-read shipping newspaper, is nearing its end.

24 Nov 18:03 GMT

Maersk Tankers enters the space age

New chief executive Christian M Ingerslev tells Andy Pierce how a focus on digital technology is helping the products tanker specialist hit strategic targets

24 Nov 18:03 GMT

London’s Lord Maritime

Paul Berrill catches up with Clarksons shipbroker Jeffrey Evans to find out how he has spent his year as Lord Mayor

24 Nov 18:03 GMT

We have lift-off

Drones — regarded as expensive toys a couple of years ago — are being put to to work in a maritime context. Lucy Hine investigates their impact on shipping

24 Nov 18:02 GMT

Getting his act together

If you are a Bollywood producer casting someone to play a villainous shipping analyst, look no further than Deutsche Bank's Amit Mehrotra

24 Nov 18:02 GMT

Second wind

Sail-powered cargo shipping — didn’t that go out with the Ark? Not so. Eric Martin meets a new generation that is taking an old-fashioned approach to freight

22 Sep 17:34 GMT

Flagging fortunes

Service-oriented open registers are increasingly dominating the world fleet, but national flags are fighting back by copying the business model, writes Adam Corbett

22 Sep 17:23 GMT
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