Comment: Drawing a blueprint for greener shipping

Shipping’s green transition is moving forward, but there is much more work to be done. Read the story here.

Standing out in the growing swirl of sustainability measures

It may be hard to compare shipping companies on their environmental performance, but that’s beginning to change. Read the story here.

The leaders: Corporate executives and teams who are forging a path toward a more sustainable future

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Maritime technology flowers but needs demand, reality and clarity to flourish

As tech solutions abound, an environment that supports the pursuit of scale remains a challenge. Read the story here.

The innovators: The inventors of the technologies and processes that will fuel a greener industry

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Voices for transition grow, but more are needed

Progress has been made in expanding civil society perspectives in shipping’s decarbonisation debate, but the developing world is still under-represented. Read the story here.

The advocates: The people who are shaping the policies that will drive shipping to be greener

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